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Cali application by StoNeDB0b_
« on: March 10, 2013, 07:21:49 pm »
In-game name: St0neDB0b_
Why you wanna join: Cuz this clan has to do with weed ^^
Clans you been in before: no one
Do you use Running weapons or Walking Weapons? and running and walking
How to Contact You(Hotmail,XFire,Yahoo,etc): i have Xfire stonbob123
Tell me about yourself: i'm pro smoker, i like weed and I'm good to mess around
How you found us?: on GTAT server i am saw CHRONIC_t and i am find this forum on the google
Do you know how to CBug: ofc!
What Languages You Speak: serbian, bosinian, croatian and english
What does A/D Stands for?: Attack/Defend
How Long You Been Playing SA:MP: 3 years
Do you need to get trained?: No
You know what a "Blunt" is?(You don't have to answer this question): Blunt is species weed
When you get accepted in to [Cali] you have to change your name to a weed/drug name.
Examples : [Cali]Blunt , [Cali]Kush
So if you get accepted write your name here : [Cali]St0nedB0b_ :D

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