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V.I.P & Admin Donations / Fulham 3-2 QPR
« Last post by fbsaleuk on April 02, 2013, 05:36:19 am »
Queens Park Rangers cannot hope to stay in the Premier League when their defending is as cringe-worthy as this. Harry Redknapp wear nike football boots team showed their spirit and, in a wacky game of contrasting halves, they missed a penalty and nearly completed an outlandish comeback against a Fulham side that finished with 10 men after the harsh dismissal of Steve Sidwell. But the blood and thunder could not mask the fundamental truth. Rangers really needed to win, yet they defended like schoolboys to leave themselves with too much to do. Redknapp lamented a "disastrous" first half, which was scarred by "the worst goals I've ever seen in my life" and in the roll-call of shame, one man stood head and shoulders above the rest wear adidas football boots. At 6ft 5in Christopher Samba has the capacity to do so but his performance was a personal nightmare that made a mockery of his ??12.5m January transfer fee and the notion that he could be the club's survival talisman. Redknapp even suggested that Samba had taken it upon himself to go up front after Sidwell's 78th-minute red card for a lunge at Armand Traore, even though he wanted intelligent probing to expose the 10 men rather than high balls to the big lad. It must be said that Redknapp tied himself in knots on this point and was not entirely clear as the frustration of yet more squandered points bit hard football boots sale. At full-time Redknapp shook hands with his counterpart, Martin Jol, before making his way alone to the tunnel in the corner of Craven Cottage. He has 19 points from his 18 matches at Rangers but the club remain seven adrift of safety and have only seven matches to play. No team in Premier League history has escaped from such a position. "We murdered them in the second half," Redknapp said, and there was a barnstorming quality about the Rangers revival, which had been ignited at the end of the first half when Giorgos Karagounis wear nike mercurial vapor 9 loose back-pass led to Adel Taarabt beating Mark Schwarzer from distance. Taarabt tricked Karagounis into nibbling at his ankles after the interval only for Lo?c R??my to telegraph his intentions from the spot and Schwarzer to read them and save. Yet R??my hit back with a brilliant finish from St??phane Mbia's pass and the visitors created a clutch of presentable chances, with R??my blowing the best of them after he had beaten Brede Hangeland football boots uk. Dimitar Berbatov called Fulham's defending "childish". But Rangers' had been some way worse and Samba's catalogue of errors proved impossible to salvage. The first aberration had him losing his bearings and hacking down Ashkan Dejagah for a penalty that Berbatov tucked away without missing a heartbeat. The second, though, was the most grisly. Samba dwelt on the ball as the last man when under pressure from Damien Duff and prodded the ball at Berbatov who eased into space to beat Julio Cesar wear nike ctr360 maestri iii. "You can see which players are nervous and you look to push and press with them, which was the case with the second goal," Berbatov said. "He is a clever guy, Berbatov," Redknapp said, sarcastically. Fulham could have been further in front by then. Duff drew an early save from Julio C??sar while Hangeland fluffed a free header. Berbatov dazzled in front of the TV cameras, drawing the breath when he beat Traore with one touch from a high ball on the byline and Fulham's comfort in possession was indictment enough of Rangers' defending wear nike total 90 laser iv. The third goal came when Hangeland's back-heel exposed Samba in embarrassing fashion and John Arne Riise's driven cross hit Clint Hill and flew home. Samba tweeted a grovelling apology to Rangers' fans afterwards. "I can't say sorry enough," he said, and there was the accompanying promise to fight on. But as Fulham embraced the near certainty of safety wear adidas f50 adizero trx, the outlook was rather more grim for their neighbours.
V.I.P & Admin Donations / What are the best beauty products of 2012
« Last post by redbshoes on April 02, 2013, 04:51:14 am »
From a BB cream that actually works, to an immovable eyeliner and a fuss-free nail-polish remover, Anna Chesters wear red bottom shoes selects her favourite beauty buys of the year and asks readers to do the same. There's a clear cycle to a year in beauty. It starts off with pampering and detoxing in the new year; then when we're back in our stride we're ready for the new collections of the spring; summer is all about buffing and bronzing; more seasonal colours in the autumn; followed by some glitz and sparkle for the winter parties. What happens each year may follow a pattern but how this translates into products, thankfully, varies christian louboutin sale. Improvements are made, colours are tweaked and packaging is prettified. So even those of us who are loyal to a particular eyeliner can find ourselves tempted by the fruit of another. Having spent the year trying a vast amount of good, and bad, beauty products, here are my pick of the best: BB creams have been around for a fair while, but this year they really seemed to take off. In February, Estée Lauder launched its own and, despite the fact that I have tried many others, it remains my favourite wear cheap christian louboutin shoes. It gives a decent amount of coverage and evens out the skintone without making it look dull or grey like some BB creams can. It also has a delightful cucumber scent, so it feels like it's doing your skin the world of good. In the spring, Bobbi Brown extended its fabulous Long-Wear range with a host of new goodies including mascara, new cream shadow shades and my favourite, the eye pencils. Here is a pencil that gives you a line that just won't shift. If you want a smudged look you have to get in there quick with your fingers, otherwise that's it, it's set for the day (and night) wear cheap christian louboutin pumps. As someone who wears a lot of eyeliner, I'm on a constant search for the best and, friends, here it is. No one wants to tattoo their eyelids, that would be silly, but we do want an eye colour that lasts and doesn't gather in annoying creases. Bobbi Brown has been doing a brilliant Long-Wear cream eyeshadow range for a number of years now but at £18 a go they're not exactly cheap. This year's launch from Maybelline is much more affordable and works just as well. The colours are bolder but if that's your thing then these are the perfect pots for you. This is the closest thing to magic that a nail polish remover will ever get. Dip a nail into the jar, give it a little twist, and, hey presto, it comes out clean. It takes the boredom out of removing nail polish so you can get on with painting them another pretty colour wear cheap christian louboutin sandals. Also great for keeping on the desk for emergency nail-polish-removal situations (of which there are a surprising amount).
[Cali] Applications / Cali application by StoNeDB0b_
« Last post by StonedBob_ on March 10, 2013, 07:21:49 pm »
In-game name: St0neDB0b_
Why you wanna join: Cuz this clan has to do with weed ^^
Clans you been in before: no one
Do you use Running weapons or Walking Weapons? and running and walking
How to Contact You(Hotmail,XFire,Yahoo,etc): i have Xfire stonbob123
Tell me about yourself: i'm pro smoker, i like weed and I'm good to mess around
How you found us?: on GTAT server i am saw CHRONIC_t and i am find this forum on the google
Do you know how to CBug: ofc!
What Languages You Speak: serbian, bosinian, croatian and english
What does A/D Stands for?: Attack/Defend
How Long You Been Playing SA:MP: 3 years
Do you need to get trained?: No
You know what a "Blunt" is?(You don't have to answer this question): Blunt is species weed
When you get accepted in to [Cali] you have to change your name to a weed/drug name.
Examples : [Cali]Blunt , [Cali]Kush
So if you get accepted write your name here : [Cali]St0nedB0b_ :D
Announcements / Re: LSGWv2 Development stages - [Development stage 1/10]
« Last post by PinoyPride on March 09, 2013, 01:26:18 am »
Good job LSGW owners :) i can't wait for it.. Keep up the good work.
Bug Reports / /lspecoff bug
« Last post by [Cali]AK47 on February 27, 2013, 10:12:15 am »
hey guys so i am here to report a bug the bug is like this example you will activate /lspec then you are spectating someone then suddenly when you /lspecoff you will be spawned in the same place as the one you are spectating make an admin spawn on there base because i always get killed by innocent players becasue of /lspecoff

AK47  ;)
Ban Appeals / Re: Banned Agine From Who And Why iDk
« Last post by [Cali]AK47 on February 27, 2013, 09:53:08 am »
 i Don't agree with your unban because you hacked/broke the rules several times you got banned 3 times -_- and i banned you for speed hacks  read the /rules before you play in game you keep breaking them and if you don't agree with our rules then don't play in our server we need a polite and respectful player not like you who is hacking like all that **** car dance....and stuff i broke the rule ones and i learned my lesson hacking dosen't make you happy well let me explain it does make you happy with all that minigun and **** but it makes you sad when you get kicked/banned if i were you i would uninstall my hacks and play it the right way  :)

If you can't take the time then don't do the Crime

-AK47  ;)
Suggestions & Ideas / Suggestion #1 Weapon Power Up
« Last post by [Cali]AK47 on February 25, 2013, 04:44:22 am »
We should have a weapon power up so this is how it works weapon power up will be gone after 2 deaths

M4A1--------- +5 Bullets With Laseron--------- 20,000
Deagle-------- 1 Hit Kill-------------- (FOR V.I.P. ONLY)

You can add more power ups if you would like
[Cali] Applications / Re: Scripter Application
« Last post by [Cali]BigDrugs on February 24, 2013, 01:53:42 pm »
Topic locked.
Post on
[Cali] Applications / Re: [Cali] application for Fr33doM
« Last post by [Cali]AK47 on February 24, 2013, 12:27:42 pm »
If you can kill me after 1 round i agree with you being in [Cali] TEAM
[Cali] Applications / Re: Scripter Application
« Last post by [Cali]AK47 on February 24, 2013, 12:25:25 pm »
Wrong Section please post a new one in Scripter application :))
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